sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2015

4º ESO Project: Job Interview

During the first trimester of this year, the group of students at 4º ESO Diversificación are developing a project called "Job interview".

The final product of this project is a video recording of a job interview in English. 

Find the complete information about this project in the following links:
  • PROJECT: Objectives, Methodology, Competences, Lesson Plan

Producto final del proyecto: Entrada en el blog

Halloween Project

Digital posters on Biteslide
This course, 2015/16, we have begun the project work in 3º ESO with the Halloween Project

It is an interdisciplinary project in which Physical Education and English subjects have been involved. 

These are the Didactic Units:
And here you can see the digital posters made by the students in 3º ESO A as well as some photos and the performances they did: