lunes, 5 de junio de 2017


The final oral presentation that 4th ESO students are preparing this school year is called "HIGH SCHOOL ELECTIONS".

During the next days, they have to prepare and give a speech in front of their mates so that they know what characteristics they own to become a leader and what their policies related to school are. They will explain what they will do if they win the elections as well as what they would do if they were elected the class president. 

Once we have listened to all the speeches, by means of a coevaluation sheet, the students in each classroom will vote for their class president. 
Hopefully, they will remember the best speeches in the class in order to choose the best leader next year. 

The activity begins with a reading and a brainstorming. Then we will watch some videos and analise the features of such a speech. From then on, they will have to prepare their campaign in PADLET as well as their presentation to give their speeches in class.

All the information and worksheet on this project HERE as well as the CHECK LIST for Coevaluation. 

Another links to see some of the students´work:

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